I have not exercised since mid-June.

My five-week live-in job as staff on the Laval University campus of Shad Valley didn’t present many opportunities for free time, let alone exercise, and my two days off were spent in blissful uninterrupted slumber.

Got home and jumped on my bike. Ecstasy! I couldn’t stop giggling from sheer joy… for about 5 minutes, which is when I noticed my lack of ability to brake.

Bleeding and replacing the mineral oil of one-year-old brakes is simple, but we didn’t own the proper wrench and there was no time to procure it before my parents left for their canoe-venture. Bike shop took ages to get around to the 15 min procedure, and the upshot is that when I jumped on my bike at last two days ago, it had been 9 weeks since I’d last properly ridden it.

There’s a beautiful 33km trail from downtown Victoria to the ferry terminal that follows an old train route, and goes through giant forests, marshy lakes, some pasture land, and overall borders the ocean most of the way. I got on the trail around the 7km marker after a 15 min ride from home, laden with two panniers and a bag of climbing gear bungee’d on the back. Google estimated a 2 hour ride, so I gave myself 3 considering my lack of fitness and luggage.

In the end, despite losing the trail through Sidney, Google was right. Two hours from closing the garage to pulling out my wallet at the toll booth. And I spent most of it grinning like a maniac! More biking required in my life.

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2 Responses to Bike-venture!

  1. Tom Curran says:

    Awesome! I love that trail!

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