Dreams Dashed!

So the one run I’ve done so far for this triathlon training caused knee twinges by the end of 20 minutes (I did a walk/run at a 1:1 ratio). I also started feeling the odd twinge while cycling to or from school (12 minutes).

I had a great meeting with a physiotherapist, who is trying a bunch of things to get rid of the knee pain, starting with LOTS of stretching this week, including using a foam roller to work out the deep tissue knots throughout my legs. Did not know how tight my calves, hamstrings, and lateral quad were until I used this thing. Oh. My. God. There’s a spot in my left calf that is like a giant knot you’d get on your back or in your shoulders… SO much pain rolling it out!!

Anyways, the 6 minutes of leg stretches twice daily plus the roller should help stop all the muscles from pulling my knee cap over much in various directions.

The upshot of this whole thing though is that I shouldn’t be starting new activities (running/swimming) until I’m back to 100% comfort with my current activity (cycling), so triathlon plans are on hold.

Who’s up for  a bike trip?

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